SBDC presents Hemantika 2022 -  An Indian classical Dance Festival

Date: 6th - 20th November

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starts from

3rd September 2022 !

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Sujata Banerjee Dance Company is UK's leading Kathak performance and teaching organisation. Started in 1985 by eminent Kathak performer and teacher Sujata Banerjee, the company is renown for its ..... Read more


The Sujata Banerjee Dance Academy provides students of all ages and levels with world class dance training. Sujata has developed a method of teaching that incorporates her knowledge of the body from...

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"Smouldering spiritual energy…. vivacity….fierce softness...exquisite precision and illuminating display of expressive authority"

          - critic, about Sujata Banerjee after a performance in Oxford.

"...truly innovative piece, where the richness, intricacy and aesthetics of Kathak remained true to its spirit, yet a whole new experience of the style was created..”
              – One of the Kathak exponent about SBDC's Together We Can