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Dance Synergy: A global danceathon celebrating diversity


On 22- 23 August, SBDC will be hosting a one-of-its-kind virtual event: a 26-hour dance marathon to celebrate diversity, featuring artists and dance companies from across genres and countries and seen by global audiences and participants. 

Dance Synergy will be broadcast on the SBDC Facebook page and will feature:

  • Live dance performances 

  • Specially-created recorded performances

  • Interactive workshops via Zoom.



  • Celebrate diversity
    - Stage exciting world dances, while keeping Indian classical dance at the centre
    - Reach varied audiences across borders, age and abilities 
    - Showcase young and celebrity artists v


  • Support artists
    - Remunerated work opportunities for artists, at this difficult time

  • Promote health and well-being
    - Encourage participation to promote well-being especially mental health through dance



Artists have been deeply affected during these times. Please support us by donating so we can fulfill our commitment to remunerating them and making the event successful.

DONATE NOW via Facebook

To donate through other channels, please email

Every little bit counts and no amount is too small. Thank you




Over 50 performances by artists from across six continents: 


       UK (Part 1): Starts at 4pm BST

  1. Sujata Banerjee Dance Company (Kathak)

  2. Connor Scott (Contemporary)

  3. Nandita Shankardass (Fusion ballet)

  4. Jaina Modasia (Kathak)

  5. Vlad Shalnev (Latin ballroom)

  6. Boom Arts Academy (Hip hop)

  7. Anusha Subramanyam (Bharatanatyam inspired interactive performance)

  8. Sanskriti UK (Bharatnatyam)

  9. Impact Dance (Hip hop theatre)

  10. Jose Agudo (Contemporary)

  11. Mavin Khoo (Bharatnatyam)
    Brazil (arriving at approx 7.30pm BST)

  12. Guarani Tenondera Choir (Brazilian indigenous dance)

    Argentina (arriving at approx 8pm BST)

  13. Ballet Misionese (Argentinian folk dance)

    Canada (arriving at approx 8.30pm BST)

  14. Enakshi Sinha (Odissi)

    USA (arriving at approx 8.50pm BST)

  15. Srinidhi Raghavan (Modern, ballet, Kathak, Bharatnatyam)

  16. Mark Morris Dance Group (Modern)

  17. Natya Dance theatre - Hema Rajagopalan (Bharatnatyam)

  18. Gurmeet Marhas (Kathak)

  19. Harika Adiraju from Prashanthi Chitre Institute of Performing Arts (Kuchipudi)

  20. Deborah Chen and Etienne Cakpo (Chinese and African dance)

  21. Laboni, Shalini & Shibani (Odissi)

    New Zealand (arriving at approx 12.05am BST)

  22. Sol Cooper from TOA Haka (Haka style)

    Australia (arriving at approx 12.35am BST)

  23. Bindu Rajendren from Tara Rajkumar Company (Mohiniattam)

  24. Nehha Bhatnagar (Bharatnatyam)

    China (arriving at approx 1.40am BST)

  25. Tianqian Youth Dancesport Club (Contemporary)​

    Indonesia (arriving at approx 2.10am BST)

  26. Surya Peradantha (Balinese dance)

    Bangladesh (arriving at approx 2.40am BST)

  27. Rachel Priyanka and group (Gaudiya Nritya & folk)

    Malaysia (arriving at approx 3.10am BST)

  28. Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya (Bharatnatyam)

  29. Temple of Fine Arts Inner Space Dance (Contemporary)

    Sri Lanka (arriving at approx 4.20am BST)

  30. Channa-Upuli Performing Arts Foundation​ (Kandyan)

    India (arriving at approx 4.35am BST)
  31. Rudra Shankar Mishra (Kathak)
  32. Tanusree Shankar (Uday Shankar style)
  33. Sujata Mohapatra (Odissi)

  34. Santosh Nair (Chhau dance)

  35. Rukmini Vijayakumar (Bharatanatyam)

  36. Yana Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet (Ballet)

  37. Vaswati Misra & Saswati Sen (Kathak)

  38. Ragini Maharaj & guest appearance Pt Birju Maharaj (Kathak)

    Pakistan (arriving at approx 9am BST)

  39. Wahab Shah (Sufi, tribal, bhangra)

    Bahrain (arriving at approx 9.30am BST)

  40. Khalil Alashar (Kathak)

    South Africa (arriving at approx 10am BST)
  41. Kirti Ravjee (Bollywood dance)

    Zimbabwe (arriving at approx 4.20am BST)
  42. Glendale Mudzimu (Bharatnatyam, African)

    Spain (arriving at approx 10.50am BST)

  43. Monica de la Feunte (Bharatnatyam and contemporary)

  44. Shreyashee Nag Dance Company (Kathak)

  45. Jose Manuel Alvarez (Flamenco)

    Greece (arriving at approx 12.05pm BST)

  46. Andriana Papanicolaou (Classical Greek)

    Switzerland (arriving at approx 12.25pm BST)

  47. Gurukul (Kathak​)

    Italy (arriving at approx 1.10pm BST)

  48. Suraya Hilal (Hilal dance)

    UK (Part 2) (arriving at approx 1.30pmBST)

  49. Anaya Bolar (Bharatanatyam)

  50. Kesha Raithatha (Kathak)

  51. Kuntals Bollywood Dance Company (Bollywood dance)

  52. Uzambezi Dance Company (Zulu) 

  53. Ashwini Kalsekar (Kathak)

  54. Parvati Rajamani (Odissi)

  55. Suschismita Ganguly (Tagore dance theatre)

  56. Sujata Banerjee Dance Company (Kathak)

    ENDS 6pm BST


Join in our varied workshops taught by world-class teachers and challenge yourself to try new dance styles, or just push your physical limits. BOOK NOW


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