Dance Synergy: A global danceathon celebrating diversity

On 22- 23 August, SBDC will be hosting a one-of-its-kind virtual event: a 26-hour dance marathon, featuring artists and dance companies from across genres and countries and seen by global audiences and participants. 

Dance Synergy will be broadcast on the SBDC Facebook page and will feature:

  • Live dance performances 

  • Specially-created recorded performances

  • Interactive workshops via Zoom.


The event is being held to celebrate diversity and raise funds for charities working on mental health, race relations, domestic abuse and child welfare issues.

Over 40 performances and 20 workshops by artists from across 20 different cities are expected to take place. Some of those confirmed so far are from:

Get involved

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  • Provide tech and/or production support

  • Help with music rights

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