Board of trustees: 

Chico Chakravorty

Senior leader, insurance & healthcare

I initially studied classical musical at Cardiff University and am a huge supporter of the arts. As someone who understands the discipline and the the resulting joy that the performing arts can add value to people's educational ability and wellbeing, I am excited about the impact that SBDC has had through exposure at a number of key performances and look forward to helping support the future growth of nurturing talent at SBDC. 

Bhavisha Mehta

Management consultant

SBDC is an accomplished charitable organisation, bringing South Asian dance to the forefront of the dance arena through its varied set of activities.  Being involved as both a student and trustee for more than seven years, I have been proud to see SBDC undertake and successfully deliver a number of innovative projects ranging from traditional performance to collaborative projects as well as leading-edge events such as a 12-hour dance marathon. Having personally commenced learning Kathak at the age of 24, I firmly believe it truly is never too late to learn this multi-dimensional, intricate dance form.


The team of trustees meet regularly to review achievements and learnings, brainstorm new ideas and strategically plan the company’s direction.  As a management consultant by profession, I thoroughly enjoy bringing new ideas and concepts to the table and working with a talented group of individuals to help maximise the Company’s performance and deliver against our mission statement in everything we do. 

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Mehul Nathwani

Director of Business Change and Innovation in the Insurance/Financial Services industry, also serving as a Board Trustee at Cockpit Arts, and as a Board Advisor at the Cardiovascular Research Trust. 


I am delighted to be a member of the Board of Trustees for such a dynamic and innovative organisation in the performing arts. 


Sujata Banerjee Dance company brings to life the wonderfully rich and multi faceted dance form of Kathak, and often brings together a range of dance and cultural traditions to create unique collaborations that celebrate human diversity.