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Workshop 2022

Kathak and Contemporary Dance Workshop (In-person & Online)

A rare opportunity to learn from the two world-class artists, Sujata Banerjee MBE and Jose Agudo. A must for all dancers - to broaden skills and to understand the intricacy of rhythm, exploring new movement and story telling through dancing.


In 2011, Jose started to study Kathak under the guidance of Akram Khan. He was choreographic assistant and rehearsal director on 7 Akram Khan Company productions. Finding many parallels between this training and his early studies of Flamenco, Jose reconnected with his roots and began to explore traditional forms in a contemporary context. As a result he created Silk Road (2017) and Carmen (2021) which will tour from 2021-2023.

The principals of Jose’s class are influenced by a diversity of traditional forms including Kathak. Flamenco and martial arts, which are brought into a contemporary dance context. The initial warm up is followed by more complex movement material with a dynamic focus on the concept of ‘attack and release’. With a passion for rhythm, Jose often uses counts to influence the dynamic of the movement and spinning to engage the core. All of this work prepares the body to travel – exploring the broadest movement in space, whilst making fast, clean transitions from large to detailed movement.

Sujata Banerjee is an internationally renowned Kathak exponent who has been teaching for over 4 decades and recognised for her unique pedagogy. Her dynamic Kathak style is unique, each session is informative and of rhythmic exploration.


During the workshop you will have fun, learning Kathak and contemporary movement material from two leading choreographers.

Kathak and Contemporary Dance Workshop (In-person & Online)

Date: 27th March 2022

Time: 10am - 1pm

In-person: The Place Theatre, WC1H 9AT

Online: Zoom

Price: £25


Minimum recommended age is 15 years.

Although no formal Kathak or Contemporary dance training is required to attend this workshop but dancers must be at professional or vocational level as the workshop will be fast paced.

SBDC holds the right to cancel or adjust timing of the workshop, if necessary. The fee is non- refundable but will be refunded if workshop is cancelled by SBDC.


Photo credit: Simon Richardson

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