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Hemantika festival: Support us

Hemantika is more than just a festival – it’s a springboard for many to jump higher and dream bigger - a platform for providing opportunities, fun and education for all. It is SBDC's unique initiative, encompassing all of its activities and vision. 

We first launched Hemantika in Autumn 2016, as a celebration of South Asian dance in the UK, to showcase our incredible home-grown talent, bring world-class artists to UK audiences, offer hundreds of students and youth groups performance opportunities, create new works, deliver masterclasses and present thought-provoking talks & seminars. 

Looking ahead, our vision for Hemantika is to reach a wider audience, beyond the year 2023 and beyond the UK.

Your support will help us to reach new horizons; to develop our younger students to have a deeper engagement with dance; commission young professionals to work with mentors from far and beyond and widen the reach of Indian Classical dance forms. 

SBDC is a registered charity and all donations can be made via Total Giving or in person.

Many thanks for your continued support and encouragement. 


Sujata Banerjee

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