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Hemantika Festival 2020: Performances


Please note -Performances are Facebook live paid event.

Performance day 1

Performance Day 1: "Kathak Tarang", Sunday 6 December 

Tarang meaning Waves, Celebrating the flow of Rhythm. Let us be a part of this celebration and enjoy Performance Day 1, showcasing Kathak repertoire by emerging artists from India and UK.

  • Taal Dhamar : Performed by Moumita Ghosh, Choreographed by Vidushi Saswati Sen

  • Vidya Patel in conversation with Moumita Ghosh  

The evening will also showcase performances by SBDC dancers

Date: Sunday 6 December

Time: 4.00 pm

Facebook Live Paid Event

Price: £4.99


Photo credit: Simon Richarsdon, Indy Sagoo

Performance day 2

Performance Day 2: "Nataraj Kahe.. ", Sunday 13 December

Nataraj symbolises Lord Shiva as the divine dancer, our theme for Performance Day 2. We aim to showcase some outstanding  performances from UK and around the world.

  • Kathak Duet: Performed by Zahin Chohan(10) and Aaditya Shivkumar(8), UK

  • Kathak: Performed by Harsh Mane, Mumbai

  • Bharatnatyam: Performed by Glendale Mudzimu, Zimbabwe

  • Kathak: Nishant Panikar, Bangalore

  • Uday Shankar Dance Style: Performance by Professional artists of Tanushree Shankar Dance Company, Kolkata

The evening will also include performance by SBDC dancers

Date: Sunday 13 December

Time: 4pm

Facebook Live Paid Event

Price: £4.99


Photo credit: Simon Richardson, various


Quiz :‘Hum Banegey Kathakar’, Saturday 19 December

Anyone from any parts of the world, with Kathak background can join !


The questions will be on 3 categories: 

Kathak theory questions 50% 

Indian music related questions 25% 

General knowledge questions 25% 


Level 1 (Pratham):  age between 8-12 years (as guideline - Grade 1-3 ISTD Kathak course). 

Entry as individual (parents can help with the technology). 

Platform: Zoom and Kahoot (a popular quiz and learning platform) 

Time: 11am UK time (approx 1 hour) 


Level 2 (Madhyam): 13 year onwards, including adults (as guideline - Grade 3 - 6 ISTD  Kathak course) 

Entry as individual 

Platform: Zoom and Kahoot!

Time: 3pm UK time (approx 1.5hrs) 


Level 3 (Anubhavam): Adv Level : Adults (as guideline ISTD Vocational level and professional level Kathak dancers)

Entry as individual

Platform: Zoom and Kahoot!

Time: 9pm UK time. (Approx 1.5 hrs) 


TO ENTER and more details please email:

Reading list and entry form will be sent. 

Top three from of each level gets a prize


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