Past Residency attendees: Testimonials

‘The SBDC summer residency offers a jampacked schedule of discipline, exploration and immersion in the Kathak art form as well as other aspects of training which are fundamental for any dancer. The rigour and variety of the programme is always something I look forward to...It includes Kathak training whilst also focusing and nurturing other techniques and tools needed to inform my individual dance practise."


- Vidya Patel, Summer Residency participant & professional dancer

It’s already been more than a week that we finished the Summer residency, however, I am still buzzing with all the energy. I just want to thank you and the entire team for putting up an amazing residency programme. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a professional camp which was completely focused on developing all round aspects of a dancer. 


 You as a teacher are absolutely amazing and the knowledge of your subject shows through not only when you’re delivering a class but also when we’re having a casual conversation. 


To sum up it was an amazing programme and very well designed / co-ordinated. I would love to be a part of any future residency programmes

- Sumeet Sachdev, Summer Residency participant & Bollywood dance teacher

The SBDC Summer Residency is a unique, immersive experience that inspires me while expanding my horizons as a Kathak student, dancer and educator. I look forward to it and highly recommend it to all Kathak practitioners. I am excited to learn and train with a community of dedicated fellow dancers!"

- Gurmeet Marhas, Summer Residency international participant & professional dancer



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